80s Computing

The 80s saw a revolution in home computing. In the early 80s, the excitement was all about being able to play tennis on your telly, courtesy of an Atari console, two thin rectangles and a square ball.

But as the decade went on, the technology grew. Commodore, Spectrum, Amstrad, Acorn and even the good old BBC treated us to an array of computers which were not only affordable to families but were actually small enough to fit through your front door.

Legendary games were born such as Manic Miner, Frogger and Daley Thompson's Decathlon while the youth of the 80s gently lost several months of their life per year to waiting for the cassette player to load up your game.

Meanwhile, long before the days of the DS, Nintendo were on hand to solve all our portable gaming needs courtesy of its Game Watch series.